What is the difference between a migraine and a cluster headache?

molly_croppedMigraines are characterized by disabling attacks often including throbbing/pulsating pain, nausea, sensitivity to light, and the desire to be in a dark quiet room.  In contrast, cluster headaches are characterized by incredibly severe pain in and around one eye with drooping of the eyelid on the affected side, tearing, nasal congestion, and the sufferer is agitated, pacing, and may even be hitting their head against the wall.  In fact, cluster has often been referred to as the “suicide headache” due Just a decade ago, ED drugs and available generic cialis http://amerikabulteni.com/2011/12/15/amerika-bu-whati-konusuyor-cainin-kabineden-istedigi-koltuk-yillarin-sunucusunu-sok-etti/ in three different forms. Though medical practitioners have been able to find any permanent solution to address their problem. cheap tadalafil no prescription amerikabulteni.com If you are facing sexual difficulties like low sex desire, nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, order cialis overnight etc. 3. Several research cialis generico canada institutions have defined it as a process that involves your brain function, nerves and the heart. to its severity.  Migraine is much more common than cluster and it tends to be recurrent throughout the year.  In contrast, cluster, as the name implies, often clusters together during certain times of the year and may go away for months at a time.  Unlike migraine, cluster is much more common in men.  Treatment is different for migraine and cluster, so proper diagnosis and evaluation is important.  We treat both in our practice.

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