How much Sumatriptan can I take in a 24 hour period?

Orange County Migraine & Headache Center

For oral Sumatriptan the maximum total daily dose is 200 mg in adults typically taken as a 100 mg tablet and then repeated 2 or more hours later. For injectable Sumatriptan the maximum total mg in adults is 12 mg and can be broken up as 3 mg, 4 mg or 6 mg spaced 1 hour apart. For generic Sumatriptan nasal spray, the maximum adult dose in 24 hours is 40 mg and taken as 1 spray 1 nostril of 20 mg and may be repeated 2 or more hours later. For the Tosymra form of Sumatriptan nasal spray the total adult dose is 30 mg taken as 1 spray of 10 mg in 1 nostril and may be repeated every hour to a maximum of 3 sprays or 30 mg. For the Onzetra breath-powered nasal delivery of Sumatriptan, the maximum total adult dose is 44 mg/4 nosepieces with the initial dose of 22 mg (2 nosepieces) followed by 2 more nosepieces (1 in each nostril) 2 or more hours later.

An oral and a non-oral form of Sumatriptan can be safely taken in a 24-hour period. Often individuals may choose to use a non-oral for a morning migraine then later in the day take an oral form of Sumatriptan. Alternatively, an individual may start with an oral tablet of Sumatriptan then choose to rescue with a non-oral route of delivery if the headache escalates.


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