Welcome to the Headache Section of our website. Here you will find concise and easy to read handouts on different types of headache, including migraine, cluster, and medication overuse headache. You will also find articles Dr. Hutchinson has published on the subject of headache. Feel free to print-out and share with your friends, family or health-care providers. We welcome your feedback on additional headache-related handouts you may be interested in.

Journal Articles

Chronic Daily Headache: Understanding and Treating a Common Malady (PDF 2.2MB)
Co-Authored by Susan Hutchinson, MD

Menstrual Migraine: The Role of Hormonal Management (PDF 3.5MB)
Susan Hutchinson, MD

Prevention and Management of Menstrual Migraine (PDF 104k)
Susan Hutchinson, MD

Women’s Issues and Migraine (PDF 1.7MB)
Susan Hutchinson, MD

Sinus Headache or Migraine? Keys to Correct Diagnosis (PDF 5.6MB)
Susan Hutchinson, MD



Chronic Daily Headache – Treatment Strategies (PDF 275K)

Cluster Headache: Patient Handout (PDF 147K)

Medication Overuse Headache (PDF 112K)

Menstrual Migraine – Patient Handout (PDF 148K)

Migraine – Definition & Acute Treatment – Patient Handout (PDF 118K)

Migraine Prevention – Patient Handout (PDF 149K)

Headache Diary Information (PDF 251k)

My Headache Diary (45K)
Created by Hannah Mahoney, a headache patient of Dr. Hutchinson