Holiday Message December 2020

Dear Patient,

We want to say goodbye to 2020 filled with COVID-19 invading our lives, economic and political unrest, and just the uncertainty of daily life. We have all had to adapt in ways that have adversely affected our life and caused undue anxiety, stress, and unhappiness. For many of you, your migraine pattern may have worsened.

Our practice has remained open to take care of your needs. We are very grateful that most of you have been receptive to us practicing virtual medicine by reviewing your medical issues over the phone. We anticipate many of you may want to continue handling follow-up visits by phone even after vaccinated for COVID-19. Phone visits can be convenient and still provide a thorough review of how you are doing with your headache and/or mood disorder issues.

For those choosing to come in person we can accommodate you. This has been important for those of you needing a Botox procedure, a nerve block procedure, a Toradol injection, or simply a preference for an in-person visit. We will continue to take your temperature and screen for COVID-19 prior to entering our office. Disinfecting the exam rooms in between patients and disinfecting all office surface areas will continue to be a top priority to help you feel safe in our office.

On an optimistic note, new migraine-targeted treatments have become available in 2020 including Ubrelvy, Nurtec, and Reyvow for the acute treatment of migraine attacks. Vyepti, an IV CGRP targeted treatment for the prevention of migraine, has also become available and is helping many of our patients who like the convenience of an IV medication administered over 30 minutes every 3 months at a local Infusion Center in Irvine that we are affiliated with.

May you & your loved ones have a safe & joyous Holiday Season. We look forward to 2021 and helping you towards improved health.

Warm regards,

Dr. Susan Hutchinson & Dr. Molly Rossknecht

Orange County Migraine & Headache Center