Can Migraines Be Prevented?

molly_croppedNow that I know my headaches are migraines, can they be prevented?

Yes, there are many different treatment options for migraine prevention, it’s just a matter of finding the right one for you.  There are 2 ways we look at treating migraine- prevention (daily treatment to cut down the amount of headache days per month) and abortive therapy (what to do/take when you have the migraine).  If you are only having a few migraines per month and you are headache-free the other days, there isn’t a real need to take something every day to prevent them (you just need an abortive).

However, if you are having many headache days per month, prevention is definitely key to cutting down the number of days (zero would be ideal!).  When you get to a place where you are feeling better and having less headaches, then we can discuss coming off the prevention to see how you do…. preventatives do not have to be a “forever” thing.  In other words, if you are doing really well on a preventative medication I would not want you to think you will have to take it for the rest of your life.  Headaches can change/improve over time. – Dr. Molly Rossknecht

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