“I don’t think I have ever spoken to a doctor who knows more about managing migraine pain than you. In fact if I lumped them all together you still trump the whole pile!”


Dear Dr. Hutchinson,

I’ve just finished The Woman’s Guide to Managing Migraine and it’s been so helpful. I’m a family physician in London, Ontario, Canada with many women in my practice who suffer migraine. Thank you for presenting the information in such a readable way and I especially thank you for providing the specifics of dosing, frequency, etc. of medications. I also really appreciated the case examples and the specifics of how you’d approach them. I will definitely recommend the book to my patients and will also be pulling information from it to help them!

 Kind regards,

 Natalie Lovesey

Dear Dr. Hutchinson,

I just finished your book, “The Woman’s Guide to Managing Migraine” and found it excellent! This is the most comprehensive book on headaches and hormones that I have found, and I have been doing plenty of reading over the last year on the issue. I was so appreciative of your explanations not only on what exactly is causing certain headache symptoms (such as pain in the face and behind the eyes), but you also did such a good job of discussing the role of estrogen. I felt clarity for the first time, and this gave me a sense of hope and empowerment. You also offered very clear and concrete solutions, such as taking ibuprofen several days in advance before a period, taking magnesium (I was never clear on the right amount to take daily to help prevent headaches), and the importance of keeping estrogen levels fairly stable to reduce the onset of a headache.

I am 46 years old with a busy and happy (and stressful) professional and personal life. Two years ago I began getting weekly headaches (CT scan was normal) and I have been trying for two years to address the issue. No over the counter medication took them away – not Advil, Tylenol, etc. I began by reading “Heal your Headaches” by David Buchholz, M.D. and tried to eliminate all dietary triggers, but it didn’t seem to have much effect. Finally, I ended up in my neurologist’s office (I have Kaiser insurance) and she was very kind, but not terribly knowledgeable about hormones and headaches. She gave me a prescription for Maxalt and this finally took my headaches away when they occurred, but they seemed to be increasing in frequency. Finally, she suggested taking a daily preventative medication (Propranolol) and I have been taking this for a year, 60 mg bid. It has definitely helped to reduce the intensity and frequency of my headaches. But, I am tired and a bit foggy, and with my professional work and as a mother this is difficult. I am wondering if I can do better!

– Local Health Care Professional Who Suffers From Migraines

“You’ve truly changed my life! When you told me that you could transform my 3-day excruciating migraines into a few hours, I thought you were crazy! When I used to lay in bed, cry and not even be able to open my eyes for days, now I am slightly uncomfortable for a few hours a month and spending most of my time being a productive teacher and loving mom (well, most of the time). I’m happy to report that I’m doing very well. I am still having small, predictable menstrual migraines, but I’ve been applying the hormone patch (3 during the week of my period), taking the supplements daily, and handling them with the combination of Immetrex and Aleve. I’ve been exercising and eating lots of complex carbs and protein. I can make the migraines stop in an hour or two. ”

– Brandi Manion

“There is no other doctor I would have treat my migraines but Dr. Hutchinson. She takes the time to get to know her patients, she listens to me and I consider her to be a real partner in my health care decisions. Dr. Hutchinson is the BEST!”

– Heidi Bressler

“I am so fortunate to have found Dr. Susan Hutchinson as my migraine specialist. She truly cares. She treats the patient and not the headache. I am confident knowing that she will do what it takes to find me relief in a way that I am comfortable with.”

– Rose Coles

“I have suffered from episodic cluster headaches for most of my life. It wasn’t until I met with Dr. Hutchinson that I fully understood the cluster headache and how to treat them. After my visit with Dr. Hutchinson, she got me the medication I needed and I have not had a headache since. I feel a lot better knowing she is in my corner and if I get a headache again, I know just who to call. Thank you!”

– Nick Bailey

“When no one else seems to understand or care, you can be certain that Dr. Hutchinson does. After living a headache free life for over 40 years I found myself suddenly suffering from what I later learned were migraine headaches. Before arriving at this conclusion Dr. Hutchinson spent a generous amount of time learning about my medical history, habits, behaviors and overall well-being. She is thorough, knowledgeable, compassionate and committed to finding ways to minimize your pain and discomfort and get you back to living the best quality of life possible. In my opinion there are not enough physicians in the world like Dr. Hutchinson.”

– Anne Williams

“Oh my goodness, your book was amazing! I just finished it. For me, that is quite a feat. It now has yellow tabs marked with subjects, it is highlighted in yellow and noted in pen. You basically answered all my questions on how to manage my migraines, but opened up two more. I hope you can help me with them!

Thank you so much for writing this book! I enjoyed your recommendations on OTC and herbal remedies, and have tried several of them. I identified the most with Christy, by the way. Please consider taking the time to help me with my questions. I truly appreciate your help! Take care, and keep up the excellent work!”

– Susan Foster