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    ADHD (PDF 152K) 

    Chronic Daily Headaches – Treatment Strategies (PDF 275K)

    Cluster Headache (PDF 147K)

    Depression (PDF 148K)

    Domestic Violence (PDF 153K)

    Medication Overuse Headache (PDF 152K)

    Menstrual Migraine – Patient Handout (PDF 148K)

    Migraine Headache – Patient Handout (PDF 149K)

    Migraine Prevention – Patient Handout (PDF 149K)

    Headache Diary Information (PDF 251k)

    My Headache Diary (PDF 45K)

    Created by Hannah Mahoney, a headache patient of Dr. Hutchinson

    Seasonal Affective Disorder (PDF 152K)

    Stages of a Woman’s Life: Menstruation, Pregnancy, Nursing, Perimenopause, Menopause (PDF 146K)

    What To Do If You Have To Go To The ER (For a bad headache) (PDF 251k)